Considering that there are many white label seo platforms in the digital marketing world today, many seo agency owners are finding it hard identifying genuine seo resellers. There is no telling the kind of person or digital agency you are dealing with unless you have dealt with them in the past. It is this uncertainty that at times often see search engine optimization experts use white label seo platforms that add no value to their business. This means that the question of whether you are dealing with a genuine white label seo reseller company is something that you might want to answer before choosing the seo service.
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In most cases, seo experts assume that the quality of services delivered by white label seo reseller companies is guaranteed. This is because; one would expect that the white label seo platform will aim to deliver quality services in order to maintain a good relationship with the partner business. This might be true but there are also many white label seo reseller companies that are only looking for short term business to make a profit.
It is extremely important that you learn to single out the red flags when dealing with white label seo platforms. There are many genuine white label seo platforms but this does not rule out the existence of others that are not genuine. So how can you tell a genuine white label seo platform from one that will add no value to your digital marketing agency?

Red Flags that Indicate You are Dealing With a Terrible SEO Reseller
Though these red flags might not be so obvious to some business owners, there is every indication that the white label seo platforms with certain characteristics are not genuine or have poor customer services.
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One of the things you should look out for is actually customer service. When you initiate communication with a seo reseller with the intention of a partnership, look at how the agency responds to all channels of communication. It is advisable that you choose a local white label seo service so that you can attend the consultation in person. This however is not a requirement as you can still get amazing services from a company that you contacted virtually.
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Another red flag of a company that offers poor seo reseller services is that they tend to take control over your data while you are the one who is supposed to be in control. Depending on the term of the agreement, you should take control of the data since it is your clients’ businesses that are at stake. Poor seo resellers are also tend to shift blame once your clients do not get the expected results. They will either blame search engines or make other excuses to exonerate themselves from blame.
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The lack of a professional website or social media presence should also be a red flag when searching for the right white label seo platforms.

Choosing the Right White Label Reseller
Once you have a list of red flags when choosing the right seo reseller, you should also know some of the key factors that make a great white label seo reseller company. One of the factors is that such companies have amazing reviews online. These reviews are from people who have used the firms’ services in the past.
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Great seo resellers also have great customer service. For any business to succeed, customer service is one of the key determinants on this success. Once you are treated well as a client, you are able to rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a company that is aware of how any inconveniences can affect you and your business. The delivery speed is also another factor that indicates that you are dealing with a great white label seo platform.
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There are instances that some of your clients will require you to deliver projects under very short timelines. Be sure that the reseller company can be able to deliver within the said timeline. By following some simple steps, you can avoid the negative publicity and damage to your brand that comes with poor search engine optimization services. This way, your business will scale within a short period.

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