Did you know that ninety percent of online experiences start with a search engine? Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to increase their visibility in search engine results. Rank is important when the majority of users never look past the first page. Even for local businesses, understanding how to do better in searches is important. Twenty percent of internet searches are for local products and services.

Many businesses are using SEO, or search engine optimization, to help increase their search engine rankings. How does SEO work? Basically, relevant content is edited and created with search key words and phrases incorporated in text. SEO services can involve anything from web design and social media marketing to the creation of blogs, articles and blurbs about the services offered.

While it is possible for businesses to incorporate SEO techniques into their websites, using professional SEO services are recommended, since they are companies who specializing in knowing the in depth ways to better search rankings. SEO services are becoming very popular, and SEO companies are looking for ways to acquire new clients while spending the least amount of money on marketing.

That is where website reseller programs come in. Website reseller programs are basically a paid for program that allows people to become SEO salespeople from home. The resellers pay a fee to access the information and programs that the SEO companies use. In turn, they are allowed to sell SEO services to their clients at whatever price they feel is appropriate. Website reseller packages will vary in price depending on a number of factors, including how big a player the SEO company is, how many key words need to be in every paragraph, and how much support the reseller needs.

Good website reseller programs offer the reseller user support so that they in turn are able to adequately service their clients and build a solid clientele base. SEO companies should also assist the reseller in initial marketing so that they are able to turn a profit fairly quickly.

The benefit to SEO companies is that website reseller plans create a middle man who will market their services to local companies and more. The benefit to resellers is that website reseller programs create an extra stream of income.

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