Leads that come from search engine optimization have a close rate of 14.6 percent , much higher than the close rate of just 1.7 percent for outbound leads. Internet marketing that helps companies appear highly on search engines is vital for those businesses that wish to attract a modern base of customers that use web search tools so that they can look for the businesses that they want to deal with. Search engine optimization will help any business that is looking to increase their search engine rankings in order to attract more traffic on the web.

75 percent of those that use Internet search pages never go past the initial page of search results. Seo marketing is important because this style of marketing allows companies to get closer to the first page. Many organizations get SEO marketing so that they can appear more regularly on Google, one of today’s most popular search sites. Google is a business that has always operated in a unique way, such as their decision to rent goats to mow the lawn outside their company headquarters. The first ever tweet from Google was on February 26, 2009, and was the binary code for the phrase “I’m feeling lucky.”

Whether you are looking to get seen more on Google or other search sites, SEO marketing can be of great assistance. SEO marketing professionals can help you with blogging, which is an important element of search engine optimization. Businesses that blog have 434 percent more pages indexed, which means they will receive more leads from search engines.

After you make the decision to invest in SEO marketing, be sure that you search carefully so that you can select a quality source for these marketing services. Effective SEO marketing professionals are the ones that have been able to help many other clients that need to get their page optimized for search engines. Review the portfolios of SEO marketing businesses that you are thinking about hiring so that you can get a sense of what their work history has been like and what their capabilities are. Getting your page optimized for search hits can be a valuable marketing investment that provides a tremendous amount of return. Take some time to select a high quality search engine marketing business that you can trust for highly effective marketing services that will make your organization much more successful in its efforts to attract targeted traffic on the Internet.

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