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Organic SEO and Cross-Platform Compatibility are Musts of Internet Marketing

Written by Website Reseller on October 8th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

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Did you know that the number of people online, worldwide, is as high as 2,095,006,005, and 93% of all internet use starts on search engines? With such staggering amounts of people on the internet, all over the world, it is important for companies to take into account what that means for their marketing strategies. Marketers need to focus on the web, or risk falling behind. How should companies tackle internet marketing, and when do businesses know that it is time to consider website reseller packages?

Perfect Cross-Platform Compatibility

Did you know that 79% of online shoppers refuse to revisit websites after a single performance issue? This continues to pose a challenge for marketers, especially because platforms, and consequently websites, are constantly evolving. Today’s consumers expec