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Did you know that the number of people online, worldwide, is as high as 2,095,006,005, and 93% of all internet use starts on search engines? With such staggering amounts of people on the internet, all over the world, it is important for companies to take into account what that means for their marketing strategies. Marketers need to focus on the web, or risk falling behind. How should companies tackle internet marketing, and when do businesses know that it is time to consider website reseller packages?

Perfect Cross-Platform Compatibility

Did you know that 79% of online shoppers refuse to revisit websites after a single performance issue? This continues to pose a challenge for marketers, especially because platforms, and consequently websites, are constantly evolving. Today’s consumers expect sites to transition seamlessly from desktop PCs and laptops onto much smaller, and often differently styled, tablet computers and smartphones.

Even with such high, and, at times, seemingly unattainable, standards, it is foolish for companies to ignore the importance of mobile marketing. In fact, 88% of marketers are well-aware of mobile use and its increasing popularity, describing it as “significant” or even “highly significant.” Google backs up that notion, reporting that 88% of consumers searching on mobile devices do something about it, whether that something involves visiting or calling, within that very same day.

Organic SEO

Paid advertisements may seem like a quick fix, or an instant and guaranteed means of internet exposure, but they do not perform well. In fact, 70-80% of online users admit to ignoring paid, or sponsored, results altogether. With the North American search engine marketing reaching an estimated value of $23 billion, according to SEMPO, marketers need to take search engines very seriously. How can businesses rank naturally? The scope of SEO is constantly changing. Modern SEO holds quality above all else, and many marketers argue that quality content creation is at the very heart of today’s SEO.

When is it Time to Hire a Reseller?

Companies need to raise important questions, such as, can I format company webpages to read seamlessly over a number of different devices? Can I design mobile apps? Do I know how to troubleshoot performance problems quickly, and make sure they do not happen again? Is my company capable of producing high caliber content, free from spelling and grammatical errors? Do we have time to research topics, and offer consumers original, and valuable, content? Can we produce enough high quality content to stay ahead of competitors? If you answered no to any of these questions, it is time to consider website reseller packages. Website reseller programs tackle all of these things so you do not have to, and they bring a certain level of expertise to the table.

Need to make a lasting impression online? Master cross-platform compatibility and organic SEO, and consider website reseller packages if you are short on time, expertise, or resources.

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