Marketing has developed tenfold because of the internet. Online marketing accounts for billions of dollars in ecommerce every year and more than 100 billion searches are conducted worldwide every month. With such a booming industry, search engine optimization (SEO) companies are cropping up all over the web. These companies help websites increase their search engine rankings on sites like Google. The higher their ranking, the higher up their websites is on the search page result. Since most people never look past the firs page of these search engines, this is important to a company’s success.

Several sites offer seo tools and seo marketing strategies. Websites like seo news help webmasters and site owners find ways to push their rankings up. They offer a variety of articles about making seo campaigns more effective, local seo tips, and how to use social media to maximize business marketing. Seo news can be a helpful site for SEO marketing companies and the individual site owner alike. These tips can make all the difference for your website or company. SEO generated leads boast a 14.6 percent close rate, 13 percent higher than outbound leads.

Since most users search for products online and then search for reviews on social media sites, aiming your marketing strategies at these users is smart. Half of all users perform these tasks on their mobile devices and want to find the best product, fast. It also helps if you can catch their eye with your site. Google creates doodles on their main page that attract users to their search engine. These doodles typically celebrate holidays or influential people, but that was not the case when the first one came out in 1998. The first doodle let people know that its founders were at a famous state festival. This is also a marketing strategy targeted at interacting with users, making Google one of the most popular search engines. Take this into consideration and find marketing strategies than can push your company to the top of search engine ranks.

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