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More than 100 billion internet searches are done every month, and of all of the people that do them, 75% of them never get past their first page of search results. The internet is a tremendous marketing and commerce medium, but if you do not do your marketing and sales over it properly, it is easy to become marginalized and to lose the benefits of doing business over the internet. SEO marketing is one way of helping to prevent you from being marginalized on the internet.

Search engine optimization
, or SEO for short, is an internet marketing strategy that passively boosts your search engine rankings. Google does around 70% of the internet’s searches, so its algorithm is the most influential. Google, like most search engines, uses keywords entered by users to find webpages for them. Google ranks the pages it finds, with the most relevant being on the first page of results. It does this in part by checking the frequency at which the searched words appear in the text of the webpages it finds, with higher frequencies getting higher ranks. SEO finds which search keywords are most associated with your business or products and works them into the text content of your website, boosting its rank. This kind of passive advertizement has an almost 15% close rate, whereas print media and outbound leads have less than a 2% close rate. Organic click through, which SEO passively boosts, has better conversion rates than active pay per click marketing.

SEO blogs are one way of increasing the frequency of keywords in your page’s text content. SEO blogs allow you to write frequently about topics related to your business so that more keywords are used, making your website more visible to users on Google searches. Simple SEO blogs can be an easy way of boosting traffic on your website. For tips on how best to use SEO, some marketers actually have SEO blogs that discuss SEO techniques.

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