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SEO and Online Marketing Are Changing, Is Your Company Keeping Up?

Written by Website Reseller on September 6th, 2013. Posted in Seo blogs, Seo marketing, Seo reporting


Did you know that Google currently owns at least 65 to 70% of all search engine market shares, and that as much as 93% of internet use start on search engines? The figures are clear. Online marketing, and search engine optimization, are more important than ever. Companies ignoring or neglecting search engines are going to suffer for it. How is Google changing, and how can companies keep up?


Google created the PageRank algorithm in 1996, and named it for one of Google’s top developers, Larry Page. Back then, Google, search engines, and the algorithm were all still in the early stages of infancy. In fact, PageRank was so new that Google continued to test it on 4GB hard drives, and stowed t

Want to Create the Best Website Reseller Program?

Written by Website Reseller on August 9th, 2013. Posted in Uncategorized

Website reseller programs are rising in popularity. Website reseller packages do tend to offer a few things to people, one of them being excellent quality. However there are more than just a few small things like that to take into consideration.

When dealing with website reseller plans, one must always think of the employee, and their website. What exactly are they looking for? It is your job to find that out, and to cater to it. They have hired you because they think you can do the job better than they can, and in fact, that may be the case. There are a lot of companies who choose website reseller programs in the hopes that they know more about the website than the company who made it, and that is important.

What they think of what you produce also matters. You want it to be the best, so that it reflects nicely on the both of you. Whether or not your name shows up on the website, or if you do not get enough credit, your client will know what you have done. That is good enough, and

A Blog Can Do Wonders for Your Website

Written by Website Reseller on July 31st, 2013. Posted in Google rankings, Seo blogs, Seo news

Search engine rankings

Whether you are writing a personal or business blog, the best thing you can hope for is huge exposure. Learning how to apply SEO techniques blog can help your words reach the greatest audience and boost your ratings, your business or your self confidence.

The term SEO or search engine optimization refers to using a search engine to promote your business or product through internet marketing. With more than 90 percent of Internet users visiting search engines, the chances of your business or product reaching a greater audience increases with each click of the mouse. Essentially, SEO gives your product or business excellent visibility while ensuring quality ratings.

You are making your business a valuable resource to search engines by using a search engine optimization blog. Learning search engine opt

Stay Up on SEO News To Increase Your Views

Written by Website Reseller on July 11th, 2013. Posted in Search engine rankings, Search engines

Seo reporting

If you run a small business with an active online presence, then you probably depend on SEO, or search engine optimization, to interface with your clients. After all, 92 percent of American adults ho spend time online will initiate at least one web search per day. On top of that, the vast majority of American online users over the age of 14, more than 88 percent in fact, looked up products on the web in 2012. Among those online consumers, 40 percent sought additional information via social media outlets before buying something.

Because online marketing is fluid and subject to new strategies and innovations, it is important for the savvy business owner to stay up with the latest Continue Reading 5 Comments

Why is Online Marketing So Important?

Written by Website Reseller on July 10th, 2013. Posted in Google rankings, Internet marketing, Seo reporting

Seo news

Think about it. Where do most people turn for information? Do most people still buy encyclopedias and almanacs or even search the yellow pages anymore? If you want your company or service to get known, effective online marketing is imperative. Not only is building a website important, but getting it known and on the first page of search engines is the key to success. It is projected that by 2014 internet usage on mobile devices will overtake usage on desktops. With so many people buying in to the convenience of mobile internet sources, you need to make sure their often spontaneous search habits are being met by your website.

Organic links are the links that are a result of a specific keyword search. The higher your organic link is ranked on Continue Reading 5 Comments

Start the Business You Always Dreamed Of

Written by Website Reseller on July 9th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Some people may have sat back and dreamed about what it would be like to own their own business. They may have just finally gotten sick with never putting all they learned in college to good use. They also may just be sick and tired of listening to their bosses gripe and moan all the time. One of the best ways that people can stop working for other peoples businesses is to open their own.

That is where website reseller plans come into play. Website reseller plans make it possible for anyone to start their own company. The good news is that unlike having to build an entirely new operation from the ground up, this avenue is something more turnkey.

With the right website reseller programs, one can have a product and a delivery system waiting for them. Anyone that wants to make their presence known on the internet is going to need a website. The right website reseller plans can not only give one the ability to provide their clients with a website, but with several other state of the art

Adding Website Reselling Services

Written by Website Reseller on June 26th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Ready to add another line of services to your marketing business? You can use a website reseller program to help grow another facet of your business without adding significant overhead.

When you sign up for website reseller packages, you are using another provider to complete client work on your behalf. You can concentrate on the marketing and selling of services without having to hire your own design or technical staff. Also, most programs are set up so that you can continue to brand it as part of your business.

Typically you will find website reseller plans that provide your clients with design services that will complement your current services. Researching the different website reseller programs can be fairly simple. First, by the nature of their business, you will be able to see successful examples of their work. You can combine these online portfolios with other research to find the right website reseller program for you.

In looking at different website reseller programs, you

Being A Website Reseller Can Help You Boost Up Your Business

Written by Website Reseller on June 18th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

If you want to make your marketing business ever stronger, one of the most effective ways to do so is to become a website reseller. Just about any business can make use of website reseller services because at some point, they will either need a new website, a revamped website, or some type of web maintenance or upgrades. This means that by deciding to become a website reseller, you will open your marketing business up to a plethora of potential new customers and to boot, you will never have to learn any new skills or take up any more of your time in order to do so.

Becoming a website reseller is not that difficult, but there are still some affairs that you will need to put in order to make things work and this is why you have to explore your options before you begin. First, you will need to get a hold of a private label company so that you have a source to purchase all of your website reseller programs from. Once you find such a company, you can begin to start negotiating your website reseller services so that you are able to capitalize on the best deal.

When you are seeking out the right website reseller packages, it is important to ultimately consider prices. Paying less for your website reseller packages means that you will have more play room to either undercut your competitors or keep prices higher and make an even more sizable profit. Finding the right balance in terms of your own pricing structure will rely heavily on how much you pay for your website reseller plans. This is why negotiation is an absolute must before you get too deep into the business.

Aside from price, you must also consider the types of services that you will be paying for when you are getting your website reseller programs. Depending on the affiliates you work with, you might have the option of offering brand new websites, customizable web services, or templates that your customers can build off of themselves. Either way, you can bet that you will have a great set of offerings once you find the right company to work with.

Your customers will benefit greatly from your new offerings. Moreover, you will not have to do much of anything to get the job done. Instead, you can focus on other areas of your business.

Qualities That Will Make Any Website Reseller Succeed

Written by Website Reseller on June 8th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Becoming a website reseller is an interesting idea for professionals and for companies that have any involvement with positioning their clients for stronger success in the online atmosphere. They can join website reseller programs to compensate for the lack of expertise that they have in this arena, and they too can blend these website reseller plans in seamlessly within their existing business models. So what, then, does an actual successful reseller of website based services look like? From what I have found, a good reseller of website programs, or of anything else for that matter, will have these four qualities.

One, a strong reseller will know his or her market. Well, the company as a whole that is offering website design or development services should be knowledgeable enough about it, as should the people who actually will be selling the tool within the company. The market is essential and includes not only specifics on what these services are but also how to target and who to target from a need based perspective.

Two, a viable reseller will not even consider overcharging clients. There will be fair pricing for the services provided by these resellers via the website reseller package they have chosen, and they will never try to take more than what is rightfully theirs financially. Their whole point for reselling these services is to be more viable and to appease clients more. So they obviously will not do anything to harm the relationship between themselves and their clients. If they did, they would lose a lot of them quickly.

Three, a worthy reseller will serve as an excellent communicator, enhancing the relationship that exists between itself and its clients, and with its providers too. By joining strong website reseller packages and through communicating clients’ desires to providers in an effective manner, this website reseller will prove beyond reason that it has rightfully earned recognition among the worthy ones.

Four, a successful website reseller will use any and all tools available to it via the website reseller program to implement successful programs that run from pitching and selling the service to completing it. There is a huge difference between an average reseller of these services and an excellent one, and usually the ones who excel are ones who pay more attention to the ancillary services made available through these programs to enhance their reselling experiences and make for more successful endeavors.

SEO Vital for Internet Marketing

Written by Website Reseller on June 6th, 2013. Posted in Google, Search, Search engines

Search engine rankings

The technology age has boomed this decade. With it a new area of marketing has developed. Internet marketing is new and it is not quite the same as traditional marketing. The psychology is a little different and there are so many avenues to use.

SEO marketing is a popular new avenue. Withing the past few years SEO tools have become more important than previously thought. Better SEO means better Google rankings, and Google rankings are what gets websites their traffic. In fact, 42 percent of users will click on the top result, not including advertisements, on internet searches.

Internet marketing has expanded beyond dealing with normal online marketing, now websites much reach out to the mobile and tablet users, this is because their coding is different. They are an important market because there are more than 70 million of them that shop online.

SEO is one of the most important factors in internet marketing because users will find their much of their information via search engines. Across the world, more than 100 billion people use search engines each month! In the United States alone, 92 percent of adults use a search engine at least once per day.

Now that we know SEO is vital to gaining traffic for internet marketing, how will you be changing your methods? Actually Google receives about 65 to 70 percent of search engine market shares, so they are making a killing on this. Good SEO equals good marketing.